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diamondback rattlesnake

"You are hiking in the rugged foothills of the Vulture Mountains, just south of Wickenburg, Arizona. The last rays of the sun are casting a pinkish glow on the stark desert landscape, giving the dry brown land the appearance of paradise, almost too beautiful to be real. You slowly meander your way through the towering saguaro and spiny ocotillo, down a rocky hill to an inviting looking sandy wash, being careful to take in every sight, sound and smell that surrounds you.

As you near the wash, you see a large object stretched out in front of a massive creosote bush. You tremble in excitement as you slowly approach the thick four and a half foot snake, still resting in the sand, seemingly unaware of your presence. You stand back and admire one of the most amazing creatures you have ever seen, so well adapted, so beautiful, and yet, so deadly. You note the delicate contrast in color of pattern, and the evenly banded black and white tail, indicating that you have indeed found the king of the desert, the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.

You slowly creep towards the snake, reach out with your snake hook and gently poke the snake near its tail. Instantly its calm demeanor gives way. The snake explodes in a blurred rattling frenzy, curls its body into an S-shaped position, tracking your every move with its heat sensing pits, ready to strike at any moment. Impressed by its sudden ferocity, you back away slowly and try to permanently imprint the beautiful image of the snake and its surroundings into your mind. You then retire into the darkness, completely satisfied with your incredible find."

Field herping has always been a passion of mine. I have traveled all over the country and the world and have found some amazing snakes, lizards, and other reptiles and amphibians. (To read about some of my trips check out my new herping blog) To herp effectively, you need the right tools. You need a durable snake hook to leaf through debris to find that beautiful speckled kingsnake. You need good snake tongs to pull that beautiful banded rock rattlesnake out of a talus slide. And you need a good spotlight to find that gray banded kingsnake crawling along a rock cut in west Texas. This site is devoted to helping you to find the right tools for your snake hunting and other field herping adventures. To order snake hooks, tongs and other herping equipment online click here.

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